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Post Show Thoughts: Culture Wars in Washington

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said the overwhelming support that President Obama received in the 2012 election caused an "epiphany" in the Senate, ultimately leading to their passage of comprehensive Immigration reform.

Pelosi argued that supporting comprehensive reform should be a main priority for the Republican party "if they want to win a presidential race."

Ultimately, however, the House's most powerful Democrat believes her colleagues will "do what is right for the country," and pass reform.

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth), who made headlines this week because of an hours-long filibuster of new abortion restrictions in the lone-star state, vowed that she was not willing to concede in the fight for what she describes as "personal liberties."

"Even if this bill passes," she said, "obviously there will be challenges to it going forward."

You can watch the entire show on our website and be sure to catch our roundtable discussion that debated the myriad of other highly charged issues including abortion, same-sex marriage and the Voting Rights Act. 

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