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MTP Senior Exec Producer Betsy Fischer Martin to transition in to new role as Managing Editor of NBC News Political Programming

“Meet the Press” Senior Executive Producer Betsy Fischer Martin announced today that she will transition out of her position with the program to focus full time on her role as Managing Editor of NBC News Political Programming. 

Betsy said:

"I have been so honored to have had almost 22 years in a front row seat to history every week on ‘Meet the Press.’  And while I am moving on from that incredibly humbling seat, I am thrilled for the new opportunity to shape NBC's political coverage and work with ALL our talented producers and correspondents across the network.  

“Working with David Gregory and our immensely talented staff and crew has been a privilege and I look forward to watching ‘Meet the Press’ continue to lead the way on shaping the conversation on politics and policy.”

Below is the full note to staff from NBC News Senior Vice President Antoine Sanfuentes:

Earlier this year, Betsy Fischer Martin re-signed a long-term contract with NBC News adding the role of Managing Editor of Political Programming to her duties as the Senior Executive Producer of “Meet the Press.”

With the substantial experience, strong relationships and excellent reputation she brings to this role, Betsy is responsible for the development and execution of compelling political coverage for NBC News. Working with Chuck Todd, our Washington Bureau and the entire political team, she will provide editorial direction of political coverage including long-range planning.

I have asked her to work closely with all of the shows and digital teams to develop and execute expansive political coverage across platforms and develop plans for major political coverage such as the upcoming mid-terms and the 2016 Presidential election.

Additionally, she will create and execute coverage strategy for NBC News-branded polls and political data.

Betsy has embraced this new role and has already made significant contributions to our polling initiatives as well as coverage of special political events like the dedication of the George W. Bush presidential library last spring.

In order for her to fully execute on these priorities for NBC News, later this summer she will transition out of her role as Senior Executive Producer of "Meet the Press."  Betsy and I have been discussing this for some time and she feels this decision will enable her to devote the full time and attention needed given the expanded scope of this new role.

As you all know, she has had an extraordinary run on the show and is among the longest-running executives dedicated to a single program in the history of NBC News. I am grateful for her contributions to that legendary program.

Beginning her career as an intern on “Meet the Press” almost 22 years ago and rising to become its executive producer for the past 11 years, she has guided the program through presidential election cycles, policy debates, world events and even its own time of transition - helping to make the show what it is today -- the premiere destination for political dialogue.

I know she will bring the same tenacity, savvy and passion to this next phase of her remarkable career and all the platforms and programs of NBC News will benefit greatly from her expertise.

We will celebrate both Betsy’s accomplishments and her new position in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, David Gregory asked me to share this with you:

“I am thrilled for Betsy, but I’m also sorry to see her leave ‘Meet the Press.’  She has dedicated her entire career to this program and is a huge part of why it has been so successful for so long.  When I became moderator nearly five years ago, I could not have asked for a better partner and the program could not have asked for a better leader during such a sensitive transition.  She is a brilliant producer, but beyond that is a seasoned Washington journalist.  I look forward to working closely with Bets in this new role which will benefit our political coverage immensely.”

Pat Fili-Krushel added: “I would like to recognize and thank Betsy for an outstanding job on ‘Meet the Press’ and to congratulate her as she fully transitions into her role as Managing Editor of Political Programming for NBC News. She has certainly helped build the show into the powerful brand it is today and I look forward to seeing more long-lasting contributions from her in this new capacity.”

- Antoine