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Post Show Thoughts: Holder Under Fire

House Intelligence Chair Mike Rogers, a former FBI agent, chided the Justice Department's probe of journalists saying, "the dragnet that they threw out over those AP reporters was more than an overreach. And it, really, it's not very good investigative worth."

However, Rogers stopped short of some of his Republican colleagues and did not call for Holder's resignation and instead said it was the Attorney General's choice to make as to whether or not he should stay. 

Although, as Tom Brokaw (who has been around to observe these types of investigations before) said of Holder, "it's tough to see how he [holds on to his job] in this case, but it's up to the president."

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) weighed in and cited the president's confidence in Holder. He added that he hasn't seen anything that would prevent the Attorney General from continuing in his current role. 

You can watch the entire interviews with Senator Schumer and Chairman Rogers on our website as well as our roundtable's analysis of the political impact of these investigations and a look at the increasing role of women as breadwinners in our society. 

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