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8 Things To Know About WH Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer

Associated Press

1) He's held a lot of positions for Team Obama. From the White House:

Dan Pfeiffer currently serves as Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor. In January 2009, Pfeiffer joined the White House as Deputy Communications Director and became the Communications Director in December 2009. He first joined the President’s campaign as the Traveling Press Secretary and later became the Communications Director.

2) He's a workaholic and wakes up very early. From Newsweek:

“You’d wake up at six in the morning and check to see if there was an email that Dan had sent at five about a story that had moved at four that he had seen before anyone else,” recalls a former administration official. He is known for wandering the halls of the White House clutching a to-do list of 20 or 30 items.

3)  He often references "obscure" '80s and '90s movies and sitcoms. From the Washington Post

During the campaign, he insisted that the handful of people who were secretly planning an Obama European tour refer to it as a trip to Walley World, the fictional theme park in the 1983 film "National Lampoon's Vacation." Colleagues say he often cites cast members of obscure '80s and '90s movies and sitcoms.

4) He comes from a state that's home to many political pros. From POLITICO:

On why Delaware has produced so many elite politicos (Joe Biden, Dan Pfeiffer, David Plouffe, Steve Schmidt): “It’s a state that rewards hard work. When you’re from Delaware, people unfortunately make fun of you. So, you probably do have to have a little bit of a chip on your shoulder.”

5) His birthday is on Christmas Eve and he likes to spend it alone. Again from Newsweek. 

When fellow West Wingers asked Pfeiffer how he wanted to celebrate his Christmas Eve birthday this year, he told them he wanted to sit in his office, eating a cake from the White House mess hall, alone. “So we got him a mess cake and ate a few pieces of it ourselves,” recalls [WH Communications Director Jen] Palmieri. “Then we closed his office door and left him to eat the rest.”

6) He likes junk food and Jay-Z. Again from the Washington Post

He inhales Diet Coke, frequently munches on Starbursts and Skittles, and favors Miller Lite. Pfeiffer and Obama are among the biggest Jay-Z fans in the White House, according to several people familiar with Pfeiffer's iPod.

7) Pfeiffer tells Meet the Press via email that he has been a Georgetown University basketball season ticket holder for "many years" and, growing up, he lived in both Brazil and Japan. 

8) He's been on PRESS Pass: