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Meet the Press at SIS: David Interviews Israeli Amb. Michael Oren

David returned to his alma mater, American University's School of International Service, to interview Michael Oren, Israel's Ambassador to the United States, in a "Meet the Press at SIS" event last week. The event centered on the 50-year anniversary of John F. Kennedy's famous AU Commencement address, "A Strategy of Peace." David reflected on the impact that Kennedy's speech has had for American presidents looking at the country's most serious security dilemmas in the last 50 years, in the video above. 

And during his spirited Meet the Press-style interview with Ambassador Oren, David further questioned the Ambassador on Kennedy's foreign policy vision and how it applies to peace in the Middle East today, as you can watch above. Oren stressed the importance of strong leadership from both Israel and the United States, and warned of threats from Iran and Syria.

And in Part 2 below, David and Amb. Oren responded to questions from students and twitter users, discussing the United States' involvement in the region. Oren said that America's future leaders should know that "there is no going home ... America will remain deeply, and profoundly involved in the Middle East."