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PRESS Pass: Harrison Ford

Sixty-six years since Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball, a lesser known figure who played a big roll in making that happen comes to life thanks to Harrison Ford in the new movie "42."

The actor believes his character, Brooklyn Dodgers GM Branch Rickey,"accelerated the Civil Rights Movement in a way that was very significant," through his signing of Jackie Robinson as the first African American in Major League Baseball.

Ford hopes that young people can watch the film and draw lessons to use in their own life, adding that there is a benefit from being "reminded of our history," especially, "where we have succeeded and how much more there is to be done."

"It’s the job of young people to do that now. They have the opportunity, they have the ability, and there’s more to be done."

Ford also attended a screening of the movie at the White House. The actor applauded the president's job performance thus far, but hopes the country can get past the current "political malaise."

"I think the president’s doing, you know, all things considered, a wonderful job," Ford said. However he hopes the country can regain "the very unique and critical political process which has always helped this nation to meet its challenges," because in the current political climate, "It ain’t happening."

Watch David's entire interview above to hear more from Harrison Ford including why this script is "one of the best I've ever read."