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MTP Quoteables - Hillary in 2016?

Associated Press

“I think after eight years of Barack Obama, if things don’t change, the next Democrat running for president will be in trouble.  She will be a formidable candidate. I think her time as secretary of state is mixed. Benghazi is yet to be told completely. But anybody who underestimates her on the Republican side would do so at a peril; but, yes, she can be beaten.”
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)
April 7, 2013




Associated Press



“I think the odds of her running are about a 100 percent to zero.  I think she will.  She’s a formidable candidate.”

Fmr. Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM)







On the potential weaknesses of a Hillary Clinton presidential campaign:

“What kind of campaign will she run? Campaigns have changed dramatically since she ran. Look at the David Plouffe run campaign for Barack Obama. Is she on top of all of these technological and polling advances, which is really light years from what she did in ‘08 and did unsuccessfully?”

Andrea Mitchell

Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, NBC News

Host, Andrea Mitchell Reports




On Hillary Clinton’s weakness:

“For all her strengths, she’s in a bad position because the media is going to put the superwoman costume on her and then she has to spend four years lifting up locomotives, and some Martin O’Malley or Cuomo, somebody pops up and gets the endorsement of the Boston left-handed millwrights, so I’m saying huge defeat for Clinton. You know, the narrative when you’re the invincible front-runner so early is bad.”

Mike Murphy
Republican Strategist



“If the economy does not turn around, I don’t agree that Hillary Clinton is a hundred percent running. I think if the economy is not great in two years, two and a half years, I think it’s much less likely that she runs, it’s a lot harder to sell herself on that. That is a tougher road for her.”  

Maggie Haberman
Senior Political Reporter, Politico 







Watch the Meet the Press discussion on Hillary Clinton's political future here:

Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, GOP Strategist Mike Murphy; Politico's Maggie Haberman; and NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Andrea Mitchell discuss what signs to watch for if Hillary Clinton hints at a presidential run.