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PRESS Pass: Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes, the new publisher and editor-in-chief of The New Republic, says he's "skeptical" of the president's ability to use grassroots organizing -- that was so successful in his presidential campaign -- to get legislative achievements in office like comprehensive immigration reform and  new gun control laws.

"There is nothing more powerful than the power of the presidency, to focus the country around an idea or legislation. However, to really move enough people to support an agenda that he believes is as middle of the road is an enormous challenge."

Hughes added that people supported the president for different reasons in the election, "but to try and take the ten million group of people and turn it into an Obama army is going to be a big challenge."

While he is unsure how President Obama will get this legislation through Congress, Hughes says he does see “a very different Obama than four years ago” who is “ready to go to Congress and say what he believed in, push for his agenda, and use the power of the presidency to try to build some consensus.”

Hughes also talked about what effect media has on the culture of politics.

“It’s much easier to listen only to people you agree with in 2013 than it was 10 years ago. Which happens on Twitter, happens on cable news, and happens on Facebook. And I think that’s a problem for our democracy. I mean, not to sound so theoretical about it, but I think we have to listen to people that we disagree with; we have to sit down, hash it out and talk through things, and the more that we only listen to people that line up with us, the more entrenched we get.”

Watch David's entire interview with Chris Hughes above to hear more about his foray into media with The New Republic, as well as his thoughts on President Obama’s second-term approach to politics.