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PRESS Pass: Politico's Glenn Thrush and Jonathan Martin


Politico's Glenn Thrush and Jonathan Martin's new eBook, The End of the Line, chronicles the final days of the 2012 presidential campaign and sheds new light on what tipped the scales in President Obama's favor. 

One of the big things they found was that the Obama campaign's risky decision to engage Romney early-on in the general election paid off at the end of the race. According to their eBook, the Obama campaign took money that was originally reserved to be spent in September and October and used it early-on, causing them to go "naked" (as White House senior adviser David Plouffe described it) at the end of the race.

"The basically decided to roll the dice and try to really define Romney in the spring and early Summer months. And that paid huge dividends," Martin said. 

On the Romney side, the two men chronicle how involved Romney was, and his CEO-style leadership of his campaign. This included developing a point-system used to help keep track of the former governor's schedule. "[Romney] wanted his fingers inside this campaign. He wanted to really drive and steer the ship."

The debates were another tipping point in the campaign. The two reported that the president was glued to his iPad following his poor performance at the first debate. "They had to wrench this thing out of his hand," Thrush said, "and in the wake of the Denver debate, he was just sitting there obsessively reading the negative stories about him, and it was really bumming him out."

Watch the entire PRESS Pass interview above to hear more from the Politico duo including the considerable drama that took place in two hotel suites in Boston and Chicago on election night.