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PRESS Pass: Harvey Weinstein and John Stockwell


Famed Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein, a top Obama supporter, denied charges that his new film is being released as a way to bolster the president's re-election chances.  

"It's not political; it's historical," Weinstein said. 

The movie, Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama bin Laden, which critics say paints President Obama and his role in ordering the assault in a favorable light, is set to air this Sunday night, just two days before the presidential election.

"I would not do anything politicalwhen it comes to making one of my movies. I feel a sacred trust with the audience."

The film's director, John Stockwell (who you might recognize from the 80s blockbuster Top Gun) lauded the president for green-lighting the raid, even though it was a "politically unwise call."

"To me it’s unfortunate that certain people are unwilling to give the President at least partial credit for green lighting the raid because I’m certain that if that helicopter crash had resulted in dead Americans, if Osama Bin Laden had not been there, he would be taking the blame and this election would be much different."

Weinstein also didn't miss an opportunity to hit Mitt Romney when asked what kind of film he would make about the GOP challenger.

"I have a great title for the Mitt Romney movie and I’ve done some research. Just like the Twilight series, I think Mitt Romney should star in Hindsight because anytime he does something he always wants a do over if he gets it wrong."

"I told Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper about that,” Weinstein continued. “They’re both up for nominationsthis year and they’re worried that if Mitt makes that movie, it could be a big challenge at the Oscar for best actor."

You can watch the entire interview above to hear more from the two men about Seal Team Six which airs Sunday night on National Geographic.