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Post Show Thoughts: Foreign Policy Front and Center

News this morning on the polling front as Chuck Todd debuted fresh numbers from our NBC News / Wall Street Journal poll showing a dead heat between Mitt Romney and President Obama. They are currently tied at 47%, a number Chuck said should worry team Obama as election day gets closer. 

Two top Romney campaign supporters this morning were also happy about those numbers. Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) told David, "The trend is in our direction... The enthusiasm and energy are on our side." Similarly, Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) said, he likes the way his home state is shifting towards Romney and added "I think [the polls are] only going to get better for the Republican side, both in Florida and nationally, as we move forward."

David Axelrod, chief re-election strategist to the president, responded to the latest poll numbers: "We feel good about where we are." He cited both strong numbers in specific battleground state polls as well as early voting numbers that he argued "have been very favorable" to the Obama campaign. 

Also, just 36 hours before the third and final presidential debate, we had a robust conversation on foreign policy with the roundtable. David was joined by Democratic Strategist and Former White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers; Republican strategist Mike Murphy; NY Times Columnist Tom Friedman; and NY Times White House Correspondent Helene Cooper, who along with colleague Mark Landler, broke a story in today's NY Times saying that Iran and the U.S. government have agreed in principle to one-on-one talks over Tehran's nuclear enrichment program.

You can watch the entire program on our website including our full conversations with Senators Rubio and Portman, as well as David Axelrod.

We'll be back next week. If it's Sunday, it's Meet the Press.