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First Bites: Mitt Romney on Meet the Press


September 8, 2012 -- NBC’s “Meet the Press” has released two excerpts of David Gregory’s exclusive interview with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, available for immediate use. Below are video links, transcripts, and still photos. 

For this wide-ranging, in-depth interview, Gregory spoke with Gov. Romney at length over the course of two days. On Friday evening, Ann Romney joined them on the campaign bus as they rode to a rally in Nashua, NH. On Saturday morning, Gregory and Gov. Romney sat down for a longer one-on-one interview at Romney’s campaign headquarters in Boston, MA.

The extended interview will air Sunday on “Meet the Press;” all content will be available online at WWW.MEETTHEPRESSNBC.COM.

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MANDATORY CREDIT: NBC News “Meet the Press”

Romney on Former President Bill Clinton’s DNC Address 
Friday Interview on Campaign Bus 


DAVID GREGORY: What about Bill Clinton? He had quite an impact. Do you think he could get elected today for president?

MITT ROMNEY: You know, if the constitution weren't in his way, perhaps. But I don't know the answer to that. But he did stand out in contrast with the other speakers. I think he really did elevate the Democrat convention in a lot of ways. And frankly, the contrast may not have been as-- as attractive as Barack Obama might have preferred if he were choosing who'd go before him and who'd go after.

Romney on Defense Spending and Sequestration 
Saturday Interview at Campaign HQ 

MITT ROMNEY: Well, I want to maintain defense spending at the current level of the GDP. I don't want to keep bringing it down as the president's doing. This sequestration idea of the White House, which is cutting our defense, I think is an extraordinary miscalculation in the wrong direction.

DAVID GREGORY: Republican leaders agreed to that deal to the extend the debt ceiling.

MITT ROMNEY: And that's a big mistake. I thought it was a mistake on the part of the White House to propose it. I think it was a mistake for Republicans to go along with it. The president was responsible for coming out with specific changes they'd make to the defense budget. It was supposed to have come out this last week. He has violated the law that he in fact signed. The American people need to understand how it is that our defense is going to be so badly cut.

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