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PRESS Pass: Sandra Fluke

The day after First Lady Michelle Obama took the stage, women’s rights advocate Sandra Fluke previewed her own speech to the Democratic National Convention this evening saying she believes the gender gap will continue to favor the President.

“It's still in double digits,” says Fluke. “That support from women is not going anywhere.  And I think that's because women realize that we have an agenda to get done in the next four years.  You know, the Violence Against Women Act still has not been reauthorized.  The Fair Pay Act has not been passed.  So our work is not done.  That women’s support's not going anywhere.”

The former Georgetown Law student became widely known earlier this year when, after being denied a speaking role in a Congressional hearing on religious liberty and the birth control, talk show host Rush Limbaugh criticized Fluke for her support of healthcare coverage for contraception. Fluke has since become somewhat of a field marshall in President Obama’s fight for women voters.

“What I want to make clear is the choice that we have facing us this November,” Fluke explains. "I think the best way to do that is to really talk about their records, especially their records on issues that matter to women -- on women's health, on equal pay, and on violence against women. 

Watch the entire PRESS Pass conversation above to hear more from Sandra Fluke about this generation of young voters, bipartisanship in Washington and  the importance of seeing women in office.