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PRESS Pass: Tom Brokaw

Convention veteran Tom Brokaw thinks job number one for President Obama at the DNC this week is to convey to the American people that his "journey is not complete.”

Brokaw thinks the president should make the case that “the work is not yet done,” and “We all got in this together, we're only going to get out of it together."

Brokaw, whose first convention was in 1968, thinks week-long political gatherings are unnecessary in today's political environment. He argues that it's time to "rewrite the script" on traditional conventions and reduce them to one day.

"Do that one big night and then have that by satellite transmitted around the country to football stadiums in Chicago, and Denver, and Seattle, and have big get-out-the-vote rallies." This will "re-involve the American people" in the process, he believes.

Watch David's full PRESS Pass conversation with Tom Brokaw above to hear more from the veteran journalist on past conventions, and how Bill Clinton can help the president this time around.