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RNC PRESS Pass: Haley Barbour

Former RNC Chairman and Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour thinks Paul Ryan's keynote address tonight will shy away from partisan messaging and have “much less red meat” than the normal campaign fare.

“I think they want to make the point [that] … this is a serious election and the American people deserve somebody who's willing to lead, even when it isn't easy," he said.

Barbour, a man who has planned his own Republican convention (1996), said there's one major thing he hopes will come out of the convention: he wants "the American people to come out of here knowing the challenger much, much better."

He argues that Romney's image for the past five months has "suffered $200 million of carpet bombing, fear and smear." This convention, he hopes, will allow voters to see the "real" Mitt Romney.

Watch David's full conversation with Haley Barbour above to hear more of the former governor's thoughts on his party, and what they need to do to win support from independent voters.