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PRESS Pass: Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro lamented the "shenanigans" and "divisiveness" that have become a mainstay in Washington politics.

In a PRESS Pass interview with David, the Academy Award-winning actor said politicians should put party labels aside for the sake of the country.

As an Obama supporter since the 2008 campaign, De Niro thinks the president has done a “good job,” although he says the political gamesmanship of Washington is “upsetting.”

“Everybody sees [politics] as just a game,” he said. “It’s really about doing something.”

With Manhattan's newest and highest-soaring skyscraper at One World Trade Center – and the still-clanging drills of the active construction site audible below - De Niro discussed the impact of his efforts as an ambassador of sorts to help rebuild lower Manhattan after the 9/11 tragedy. He said he spent the years after the tragedy trying to “drum up business” in the neighborhood that had been decimated by dust and debris from the towers. One such effort was the Tribeca Film Festival, which he co-founded in 2002.

A little more than ten years after the attacks, De Niro reflected on the meaning and importance of the newest member to the Manhattan skyline. The memorial will be completed “and we will move on,” he said. 

But we must never forget.

You can watch David's entire interview with Robert De Niro above to hear more of his thoughts on the President's record, and even learn about his process for developing the characters he plays.