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PRESS Pass: Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC)

 Mitt Romney supporter and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley thinks a drawn-out Republican primary process is benefiting President Obama.

"Every day we don't have a nominee, is one more day where President Obama can beat up on the Republicans and raise more money," Haley said.

The governor thinks the best way for her candidate to combat the Mr. Obama in the fall is to highlight what she believes is president’s poor record, painting him as “a man who lost our credit rating... who incurred more debt in his three years than President Bush did in eight.

Haley, the Palmetto State's first female governor, also acknowledged the need for Mitt Romney to focus on strengthening his support among women voters in the general election. "When you're a candidate, you don't go out to the people that support you, you go to the people that you need to get,” adding, "he needs to reach out to women."

Haley continued, "The media thinks that women only care about contraception. That's not true. They care about contraception and education and healthcare and jobs and the economy." She added that Romney's wife Ann, a cancer survivor who has also battled multiple sclerosis, will help candidate and be his "one bonus."

Haley is on a book tour for her new memoir, Can't is Not an Option, that chronicles her rise to becoming the nation's youngest governor. Haley, an Indian American, says the book "is about a girl who grew up different and had to face what it meant to be different."

Watch David's entire interview with Governor Haley above to hear more of her thoughts on why President Obama is a "bully," and why she thinks the Augusta National golf course - the site of The Masters tournament taking place this weekend - should change it's policy and allow women to be members.