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Monday's Views on Sunday's News

GOP presidential hopeful former Senator Rick Santorum spoke exclusively with David Gregory this Sunday about his plan strategy for the rest of the primary season. he Washington Post noted Santorum’s comments on rival Newt Gingrich: “’Well, you know, that's not my job,’ Santorum told Gregory when asked whether he’d urge Gingrich to get out of the race.” And CNN wrote, “’This isn't a mathematical formula -- this race has a tremendous amount of dynamics,’ Santorum told the NBC program "Meet the Press." Regarding the issues of energy and jobs, a Politico article highlighted, “on ‘Meet the Press,’ Santorum said the failure to develop a U.S. energy strategy could not be blamed on Republicans,” while the National Journal wrote, “The country may have just added 227,000 new jobs, but Rick Santorum told NBC’s Meet the Press that if he were elected president he could do better. And he’d start with energy policy.”

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley appeared together on Meet the Press this Sunday to discuss 2012 politics. A Washington Examiner article highlighted McDonnell’s  criticism of President Obama’s economic policies: “McDonnell brushed off the jobs gains, saying they were proof that Republican governors and private companies are the ones driving the economic turnaround and not Obama.” The Washington Post highlighted the dynamic between the two governors on MTP: “Pressed by host David Gregory about McDonnell’s potential value to a Romney ticket, O’Malley said of McDonnell: ‘Oh, I don’t know. I think he's a very skilled leader, and he does an able job as the head of the Republican Governors Association.’” You can watch Governors O’Malley and McDonnell on Meet the Press in the video below.