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Monday's Views on Sunday's News

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer made news on the program Sunday,  endorsing Mitt Romney just two days before her state’s key primary. National Journal reported, “Speaking on NBC’s Meet the Press, Brewer said that Romney was ‘the man that can carry the day.’”  The Washington Post covered her long-awaited endorsement, noting Brewer said on MTP “she was drawn to Romney’s candidacy because of his ‘pro-business background’ and ability to win.”

The other candidate making news in the race this week, GOP hopeful Rick Santorum, joined David on Sunday. Politico and the Associated Press highlighted Santorum’s criticism of President Obama on Meet the Press: “Rick Santorum attacked President Barack Obama for apologizing to Afghans for the inadvertent burning of Qurans, which has set off a significant controversy in Afghanistan – instead arguing that the Afghans should be one the ones to apologize for ‘overreacting’,” Politico wrote. Santorum discussed his recent reference to President Barack Obama as a snob on MTP.  A Los Angeles Times article wrote “Asked Sunday on NBC to explain his remark, Santorum assailed the ‘overly politicized values and [politically] correct values that are on most college and university campuses.’ He said everyone should have the opportunity to go to college or acquire a ‘higher level of training skills.” You can watch the full Meet the Press interview with Santorum below.