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Monday's Views on Sunday's News

This Sunday on Meet the Press, Sen. John McCain, a Mitt Romney supporter, and Fmr.  Sen. Fred Thompson, supporting Newt Gingrich, made news with their debate over their candidates’ prospects in the Florida primary and the state of the GOP race.

David Gregory asked the campaign surrogates about the prominent role of outside funding in this year’s election. Politico reported, “Sen. John McCain on Sunday attacked super PACs and the Supreme Court ruling that unleashed them on the 2012 presidential race. ‘I condemn them on all sides," the Arizona Republican said of super PACs on NBC News's ‘Meet the Press.’” The Politico article also noted that Thompson “wouldn’t say whether the unlimited flow of money was hurting the candidates.”

National Journal highlighted Fred Thompson’s defense of Newt Gingrich against Romney on Sunday: “Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson called the Romney campaign out for what he said was ‘overkill’ and said his campaign methods would fall short against President Obama in a general election standoff.”

David also sat down with President Obama’s re-election campaign strategist David Axelrod. USA Today covered Axelrod’s take on the GOP’s chances: “President Obama's re-election team is enjoying the brutal infighting among the Republican presidential candidates… ‘I believe this will go on for a while,’ said senior Obama adviser David Axelrod today on NBC's Meet The Press.”

And the Hill noted Axelrod “hit at Mitt Romney over his tax returns and work at Bain Capital” on MTP, while he “dismissed comparisons between the government’s investment in failed solar firm Solyndra and bankruptcies at Bain-backed companies.”