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Monday's Views on Sunday's News

David Gregory’s exclusive interview with GOP hopeful Rick Santorum made a lot of news this Iowa Caucus week. The former Pennsylvania senator, who has gotten a new surge of support in Iowa, appeared on Meet the Press live from Des Moines yesterday.

The Washington Post covered this Sunday’s show in an article with the headline “Santorum gets a grilling on Meet the Press,” writing, “Rick Santorum on Sunday defended his 2008 support for Mitt Romney for president and his record on abortion and earmarks in an interview on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press.’” The New York Times wrote of Santorum’s newly high profile: “He appeared on the NBC News program ‘Meet the Press’ on Sunday morning, gaining the kind of national exposure that eluded him for months as he campaigned through Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.” 

David spoke with Santorum about his record in the Congress and previous endorsements. The Los Angeles Times wrote that “Santorum faced sharp criticism Sunday from some rivals and a new level of scrutiny from reporters. On NBC's "Meet the Press," Santorum defended his support for congressional earmarks - saying it was his job in Congress to care for constituents - as well as his endorsement of Romney's 2008 White House bid.” The Wall Street Journal also noted Santorum’s defense of earmarks on MTP.

Santorum also on Sunday defended his endorsement of Mitt Romney in the 2008 election. The Huffington Post said that the former Senator “walked back” that endorsement on Meet the Press and made the argument that he is the true conservative in the race. And the Boston Globe also highlighted Santorum’s comment that he has not been soliciting his own endorsement from Congress this time around.  

Watch David Gregory’s exclusive interview with Rick Santorum below.

Surging in the polls, former Sen. Rick Santorum talks Tuesday's Iowa caucuses, President Obama and foreign policy.