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Betsy's Trivia: Audio Daily Double

Answer: Maxwell House Coffee

Meet The Press’ Thanksgiving Day show of 1947 featured a holiday-themed commercial by a key MTP sponsor. A few tough questions into the program, producer and moderator Martha Rountree announced that she would give the guest Sen. Claude Pepper (D-FL) and the MTP panel (aka“newsmen”) a few moments to catch their breath before proceeding. She then ran the special Thanksgiving edition commercial by Maxwell House Coffee, which reminded Americans to think of those less fortunate during Thanksgiving holiday. The coffee maker was an advertiser on Meet the Press for much of its early run and had a key role in its development: when Rountree  and co-producer Lawrence Spivak decided Meet the Press was ready for the move from radio to television in 1947, Maxwell House sponsored the broadcast on the NBC TV network.

You can listen to the full 1947 commercial – with Martha Rountree’s introduction – in the audio clip below.