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PRESS Pass with WH Chef, adviser Sam Kass

In a special Thanksgiving edition of PRESS Pass, White House assistant chef Sam Kass gave David an inside look at the first family's kitchen and talked about his special advisory role in the Obama administration.  As the senior policy adviser for healthy food initiatives, Kass has been a high-profile advocate for Michelle Obama’s "Let's Move!" campaign and other children’s health programs. His goal while in the administration is to have a “transformative impact” on the health of the country, particularly children. 

Kass spoke with David Gregory about how much the White House should be involved in child nutrition, saying that in schools, “it’s clear we have a responsibility to ensure that there are good standards that are based on science.” But he admitted to being bewildered on one government food policy: Congress’ decision that pizza can be called a vegetable.

"You're gonna have to ask [Congress] ... for the answer on that one," he said. 

Kass, who prepares everything from state dinners to the Obama family’s private meals, revealed what excites him most as a chef and talked about the rewards of cooking healthy from the First Lady’s garden. David also got some insight into the first family’s kitchen, where, Kass says, vegetables are non-negotiable and the Obama children have to fend for themselves when it comes to snacks. 

For the White House Thanksgiving, though, he says “we just try to have fun.”

Watch PRESS Pass above to hear more about cooking in the White House and the first lady’s food programs -- as well as Sam Kass’ Thanksgiving stuffing secret.