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Post Show Thoughts: No deal yet

I spoke with two members of the deficit committee this morning- Senators Kyl and Kerry - and both offered conflicting views about the state of the "supercommittee" negotiations. Both sides seem to be butting heads on the issue of taxes.

Senator Kerry told me the whole debate comes down on this issue. He said there could be a deal "in the next two hours," but the, "most significant block to our doing something right now, tomorrow, is [Republicans'] insistence, insistence, insistence on the Grover Norquist pledge and extending the Bush tax cuts."

Senator Kyl made his case: "When our Democratic friends made it very clear that they weren't going to do anything without raising taxes, we then turned to: What is the best way to derive revenues?  Is it to allow the current code to expire and have the biggest tax [increase] in the history of our country?  No."

Plus, we discussed 2012 politics. Though Senator Kerry said he hasn't been paying much attention to the race, in light of his work on the super committee, he still found time to attack Former Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA).

"There are few people I've met in public life who have changed on as many issues as he has," Senator Kerry said. "Every major touchstone of American politics, from abortion, to guns, to war, to God, to gays, you name it."

We also discussed the brand new poll that shows Newt Gingrich ahead of Mitt Romney as the front runner in the GOP race. The question is, how long will he remain at the top? Republican strategist Mike Murphy thinks both the Romney and Obama campaigns like the idea of facing Newt Gingrich head-to-head, however, Murphy maintained he'd be surprised should Gingrich turn out to be the nominee.

You can watch our entire roundtable on our website to hear the discussion on Herman Cain's latest foreign policy flub on Libya as well as the strategy for Rick Perry to win back support in Iowa.

Here's what Reuters wrote about the news made this morning on Meet The Press. 

We'll be back next week. If it's Sunday, it's Meet The Press.