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Post-show thoughts: National outrage over Penn State scandal

David Gregory analyzes this morning's Meet The Press and discusses the country's reaction to alleged child sexual abuse at Penn State University.

National outrage this week as allegations of child sexual abuse by a former coach on Penn State University's football team. I was joined this morning by Pennsylvania's Republican Governor, and Penn State board of trustees member, Tom Corbett.

One area we explored was the difference between moral and legal obligations. Both then-grad assistant Mike McQueary and head coach Joe Paterno met the minimum legal requirements, according to Pennsylvania law, by simply reporting  the incidents to their superiors – in this case, school administrators. But was that enough morally? Everyone seems to be asking themselves, “Wouldn’t I have just gone straight to the police?”

So should the law be changed to meet that gut instinct? Gov. Corbett thinks it "absolutely" should be, and he told me a stricter reporting law could be passed in his state by the end of the year. 

Decision 2012 was also a focus this morning less than twelve hours after Republican candidates met to debate in South Carolina. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann hit hard against Republican rival Mitt Romney on the "core" issue that has been a staple attack on Romney over the past few weeks.

"I have a core of conviction," Bachmann said, later adding, "Governor Romney has been on both sides of the issues.  I've been on one side of the issues.  I make no apologies."

DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz made the case for the Democrats and leveled a broader attack on Republican opposition to the president's policies.

"We would make even more if the Republicans just stop rooting for the economy to fail and join us in trying to focus on all of America's jobs, not just on the one job they care about, which is Barack Obama's," she said.

Watch our entire broadcast on our website, including our roundtable discussion with the Washington Post's EJ Dionne and the New York Times' David Brooks about how Penn State officials failed the most basic moral test of protecting children.

We'll be back next week. If it's Sunday, it's Meet The Press.