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Betsy's Trivia: UN Edition

Answer: The founding of the United Nations

Monday of this week was UN Day, the 66th anniversary of the entry into force in of the United Nations Charter. On June 27 1965, Meet the Press  broadcast a special edition  live from San Francisco to mark the anniversary of the charter’s creation, which was signed in that city 20 years before. The  program's ’s guest was Adlai Stevenson, who was then the United States Representative to the UN and had been deeply involved in the body’s founding  in 1945 . MTP regular Lawrence Spivak began the interview saying that the United Nations was believed to be “in serious crisis and on the verge of complete  collapse.” Stevenson, in a series of lively exchanges with Spivak and the rest of the panel, defended the organization but acknowledged his worries about the tensions between its member countries. The show also focused on the UN’s involvement in the conflict in Vietnam, which was already looming over President Lyndon B. Johnson’s administration. Journalist Peter Lisagor pressed Stevenson on his own views on the administration’s Vietnam policy, noting that many believed the Ambassador privately disagreed with the President on the issue. Watch the clip below to see Stevenson’s response, as well as his thoughts on the tense and “divided world” facing the UN in 1965.

Adlai Stevenson on Meet the Press, June 27, 1965.


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