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Betsy's Trivia: Chicago Edition, Continued

Answer: Spiro Agnew

Spiro Agnew, who resigned from the Vice Presidency on this week 38 years ago, appeared on Meet the Press as Richard Nixon’s running mate in September of 1968. The episode came in the wake of the violence surrounding the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention, and the MTP panel pressed Agnew on his and Nixon’s opinions about law and order and civil unrest. Agnew was characteristically outspoken in the interview, sharply criticizing the “permissive society” that encouraged young people to participate in such protests. He also hinted of a larger organization behind the Chicago riots and accused the protestors of being anarchists and having Communist ties. Watch the clip below to see Agnew’s comments about the “hippies and the yippies” he blamed for the unrest across the country.


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