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Sunday Study Guide: Clinton, McConnell, roundtable

Pres. Bill Clinton

  • Democratic strategist James Carville wrote a piece this week for CNN advising President Barack Obama to "fire a lot of people" and bring in a new staff to give the White House a better image. He pointed to the fact that Clinton did it in 1994 -- and it worked. 
  • During this summer's debt ceiling debate, POLITICO reported that Clinton said he'd use the 14th amendment to raise it himself, “without hesitation."
  • Over ten years ago, when the economy was entering a rocky time, The New York Times looked at the "good times" of the Clinton years and wrote, "Economists, historians and members of both parties will no doubt debate for years whether Mr. Clinton was lucky or good when it came to the economy." 
  • Shortly after an arduous campaign -- this time as the husband, not the candidate -- The New York Times wrote an article headlined, "The Mellowing of William Jefferson Clinton." In an interview for it, Clinton told Peter Baker, "I’ve got plenty to do. I’ve got a full life here. If I come up with an idea I think that’s helpful to them [the Obama administration], I give it to them ."

Sen. Mitch McConnell

  • The Hill reports that Sen. McConnell said, "I think I can pretty confidently say everybody in the Republican conference of the Senate thinks that we need to quit doing what we’ve been doing — quit borrowing, quit spending, quit threatening to raise taxes and quit having a big wet blanket on top of the private sector of the economy by this explosion of regulations.” 
  • On the Senate Floor, Sen. McConnell said something similar, telling his colleagues that "it's time to change course," according to The Hill
  • The president is heading to McConnell's "home turf" soon to tout the very jobs plan that the senator has criticized already, according to the Washington Post. 

Roundtable: Granholm, Castellanos, Halperin, Cooper

  • In her new book, former Governor Jennifer Granholm (D-MI) addresses the issue of jobs writing, “The nation needs to actively intervene to create jobs in America, for it won’t happen on its own.”  Granholm’s  book “A Governor’s Story: The fight for jobs and America’s future” will be released September 20. Watch her last appearance on MTP
  • Republican strategist Alex Castellanos addressed President Obama’s jobs plan in Politico this week.  He said, “the president says whirling all this money around is going to create or save 2 million jobs.  One of them, he hopes, is his own.”  Watch Castellanos’ last appearance on MTP.
  • In a recent article for TIME magazine, Mark Halperin interviewed GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry who talks about his rise in the polls and controversial rhetoric.  Perry said, “I think American citizens are just tired of this political correctness and politicians who are tiptoeing around important issues. They want a decisive leader.  I’m comfortable that rhetoric I have used was both descriptive and spot on.”  Watch his last appearance on MTP.
  • The New York Times’ Helene Cooper has been covering the rollout of the Obama jobs bill all week, reporting that the President called for bipartisanship on Monday, but faced Republican opposition. But Obama has been pushing hard for the bill since then; he “turned up the rhetorical heat” later in the week in an event in North Carolina. Watch her last appearance on MTP.