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Betsy's Trivia - Gun-wielding Senator

Answer: Senator Joseph McCarthy

Explanation: The tape for Senator McCarthy’s August 7, 1951 appearance no longer exists, but in a somewhat ironic appearance a year earlier, the Senator was questioned about whether, in light of threats, he had sought a permit to carry a gun. For more information on McCarthy’s gun-wielding MTP appearance check out this excerpt from Meet The Press: 50 years of History in the Making.

August 7, 1951

Sen. Joseph McCarthy, the controversial Communist hunter from Wisconsin, is dedicated to unearthing sympathizers. At the time of his fifth Meet The Press appearance, he is threatening to name card-carrying Communists in the State Department. Word reaches NBC that an audience member is carrying a gun and will shoot McCarthy if he carries out his threat. Moderator Martha Rountree, sitting alongside Senator McCarthy, is alarmed to see him take a gun out of his briefcase and place it on his lap, where it remains throughout the show. McCarthy names no names, and there is no shoot-out. 

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