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Trend Tracking Midweek - Debt ceiling, CA-36, and Obama fundraising

July 13, 2011 Top Trends


The debt ceiling fight continues to dominate the web. Last Wednesday it was number one, and it is this week again. But this week, it's so high on the charts that we didn't use a green arrow (maybe we should have went with a chili pepper?)

Then, news overnight of Janice Hahn's victory in CA-36 picked up and is trending upward. Hahn won Former Democratic Rep. Jane Harman's seat in a race against a Tea Party-backed candidate. 

Obama's re-elect fundraising haul broke early this morning after Obama Re-elect manager Jim Messina sent a 4 a.m. ET email to supporters with news of the president's massive money haul. Initially, this story was trending at number two, but it's moved down to the number three spot.

Outside of the top three -- debt ceiling, CA-36 special election and Obama re-elect fundraising haul -- this story popped up on our Trend Tracker and caught our baseball-loving eyes. If you're a fan, too, you might appreciate this story: How Baseball Can Help You Understand the Debt Ceiling Debate.