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Geithner, Pawlenty make waves on Meet The Press

David Gregory discusses this morning's MTP - including Sec. Geithner's comments on the recovery, and Tim Pawlenty's dig on Michele Bachmann.

A lot happening on a busy Meet The Press this morning. On the heels of Speaker Boehner's announcement that he will not seek a "grand bargain" on the debt limit, I sat down with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to talk about the state of the negotiations.

He told me that, even after Speaker Boehner's decision, President Obama still wants "the biggest, most substantial deal possible."

On the other side of the aisle, Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty made news by finally going after his fellow GOP hopefuls Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann - something he was criticized for not doing in the debate a few weeks back.

On Bachmann, Pawlenty said, "her record of accomplishment in Congress is nonexistent.  It's nonexistent."

Pawlenty also called out Romney on health care, saying, "I think if you're gonna prosecute the political case against President Obama and one of the top three or four issues that's going to be the direction of the country in healthcare, it's gonna be very difficult for our nominee to be one of the co-conspirators."

You can watch our entire program on our website here, including our roundtable with insights and analysis from the Washington Post's Eugene Robinson, and NBC News' Chuck Todd. 

We'll be back next week. If it's Sunday, it's Meet The Press.