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This Sunday: Sens. debate U.S. role abroad

The debate over Afghanistan re-emerged this week as 27 senators sent a letter to President Obama calling on "the United States to shift course in Afghanistan." And as we saw this morning in my interview with Sens. Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and in last week's Republican presidential debate, withdrawal from Afghanistan is continuing to climb the list of important issues in 2012.

During our "Trends & Takeaways" segment today, we replayed a quote from Graham earlier in the show when he talked about an interesting role reversal in the GOP.  The South Carolina Republican said:

If you think the pathway to the GOP nomination in 2012 is to get to Barack Obama's left on Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq, you're going to meet a lot of headwinds. This is not a war of Afghan independence from my point of view, this is the center of gravity against the war on terror.

 Here's more from Durbin and Graham on U.S. conflicts abroad. 

Also I talked to the senators about budget battles in Washington - including the debate over Medicare.  You can see our full conversation here

This morning I was also happy to have in studio our Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel, who spends most of his time in some of the most dangerous places in the Middle East.  He gave some very interesting analysis on how the world views our political debates and the 2012 race.

You can see our full roundtable discussion here

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