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Introducing the new MTP Political Trend Tracker

Beginning this Sunday, Meet the Press will unveil a new twist on our 'Trends and Takeaways' segment.  David will take a look at the MTP Political Trend Tracker, an index of the top trending headlines across the web. We've partnered with media research firm Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc., which uses a unique, web-based program to distill thousands of articles from top sources and determine the political trends.  The MTP Political Trend Tracker identifies stories that are rising or falling in popularity and provides insight into the hot topics of conversation for the coming week.

Make sure you tune in this week to see the MTP Political Trend Tracker in action for the first time. And be sure to check PRESS Pass during the week where we'll be using our MTP Political Trend Tracker as well. 

Sample of sources analyzed:

  • MSNBC First Read
  • Real Clear Politics Homepage
  • Politico Most Read
  • Google News American Politics
  • Daily Kos
  • USA Today on Politics
  • New York Times Politics
  • Reuters Politics
  • ABC News Politics
  • Drudge Report
  • Redstate.com Red Hot
  • The Grio Politics
  • Politics on Huffingtonpost.com
  • Yahoo! News: Politics News
  • Roll Call All News
  • Fox News Politics
  • CNN Political Ticker
  • Washington Post Most Popular Politics
  • Talking Points Memo Most Popular
  • The Daily Beast

Here's a look at part of the command center of the MTP Political Trend Tracker: